“The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones”

Meet today's challenges by transforming how you think

It’s how you think, not what you think . . . Business, economy, politics, and society are currently in transition to a greater degree of uncertainty and complexity. Changing how we think and developing multiple standpoints and enlarged perspectives are needed to meet the individual and organisational challenges that are arising.

Join us in the Keynes Centre for Transformational Leadership Experiences to achieve your own professional transformation – essential for modern leadership.

The Keynes Centre, based at University College Cork, Ireland, has established a reputation internationally as a leading home for innovative thinking about leadership, redefining and championing its importance for people in all walks of life and for all kinds of organisations.

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This developmental experience will attract those with an appetite for disruptive and challenging growth.

Participating will help you develop new mental strengths and emotional resilience, equipping you to get the best from yourself, your people, and your customers.

You will develop the ability to operate with new tools of thinking, moving you away from over-relying on control and perfection to having a fuller and more integrated approach to building relationships and making judgements.

'The Leadership Mind' Experience is designed for senior management. Participants are likely to be already making decisions, influencing staff and customers, and have an appetite for change and growth.

Once you have experienced a transformation in your thinking as a lived experience, you will be more self-aware and able to engage with the complexity of the world more effectively.

Specifically you will be able to:

  • Practice “Leadership as Insight”.
  • Immerse yourself in “working out” your insights.
  • Hold multiple standpoints while making judgements
  • Anchor yourself in a "self-authored mind."
  • Be able to select appropriate concepts and theories and think with them, making informed choices.
  • Be aware of the impact on others.
  • Take responsibility for and regulating your own mind and behaviour.

'The Leadership Mind' Experience is a one-day open offering, after which individual sessions will be provided over the course of the year.

We can also adapt 'The Leadership Mind' Experience to a specific company offering on request.

For more information, call us on +353 (0) 21 4658604 | 05 | 06 or email keynes@ucc.ie. You may be eligible for CPD or other recognition for professional standards upkeeping. Contact The Keynes Centre for more information.

What is 'The Leadership Mind?'


A new concept . . .

In this ground-breaking new book, Connell Fanning and Assumpta O'Kane, argue that despite the millions of words that have been written about ‘leadership’, the concept has yet to be properly defined. They take a critical look at the prevailing approaches, pointing out that the role of ‘leader’ is commonly confused with that of management, and put forward their own definition of ‘leadership’ as ‘insight into people, their situation, and their prospects’.

With this definition as the bedrock of their thinking, they develop the idea of ‘The Leadership Mind’ – a mind that comes about through personal transformation and operates on a more complex level of thinking, and is thus aligned to the challenges of an increasingly complex business environment.

Assumpta O'Kane

What participants had to say:

Susan Steele

Executive Director, European Fisheries Control Agency

“Connell taught me that the thought process used to tackle a situation is key. Everything I do in work now is thoroughly thought out. I sit back for a second and think about it – my decisions are framed differently in my head now. This unique method of thinking changed how I make decisions.”

Donal Downey

Senior Director, Global External Manufacturing, Dell Technologies

“Connell showed me the importance of actually using a theory to understand something. His choice of theorists was also interesting as they brought different viewpoints. It impressed me that academic theories could be so useful.”

Colman Kirby

Director, Global Support Center, Dell Technologies

“Prof. Fanning’s innovative system of adult mental development brings about a new awareness, clarity and a framework that enhances effectiveness in any professional environment. I would urge any executive wanting to operate at a higher level to participate in a Keynes Centre offering.”

Liz Dunphy

Journalist at the Evening Echo

“The Keynes Centre offers a different approach to learning that is of huge value: the gentle challenging of our assumptions as well as the developing of critical thinking. It leads to lifelong habit changes. I’m taking a lot of time to reflect and view things from different angles.”

Kevin Twomey

Chief Solutions Architect, Global Advanced Manufacturing Engineering, Dell Technologies

“I found Professor Connell Fanning’s insights into leadership thought provoking and empowering – they made me question how I was functioning in my everyday professional life, and allowed me to see how I could improve my performance.”

Dr Niall O’Keeffe

Chief Executive for Economic Development, St Helena Island, South Atlantic.

“Through Transformative Thinking, Connell led me to re-examine material, not just interpret information at face-value, and question more. I learnt how to ask questions and challenge ideas and also became more aware of my thoughts.”

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