It’s how we think, not what we think, that makes all the difference

The Leadership Mind (2022) by Connell Fanning and Assumpta O’Kane aims to help you to think clearly through the question of  what is ‘leadership’? in business organisations with a view to thinking through your own position on this vital phenomenon of human affairs.

Cutting through the current bewildering confusion of ideas in the field of thinking about ‘leadership’, it formulates a workable and sustainable concept of ‘leadership’ allowing us to guide thinking about ‘leadership practice’ and to create templates for ‘leadership development’.

The Leadership Mind is about how to think about ‘leadership’ as a capability that can be developed through personal transformation, culminating in ‘The Leadership Mind’ – a mind that can operate at the uncertainty and complexity of the world today.

This book also provides a key for how to press the re-start button by stepping away from the crowd, taking responsibility for our own development, and, by thinking anew, taking steps towards a genuine ‘leadership’ capability. ‘The Leadership Mind’ provides accessible developmental directions for people in all walks of life and for all kinds of organisations.

The Keynes Centre is a pioneer internationally in providing evidence-based experiences for supporting personal transformation and professional and organisational development for better living and working. 

Connell Fanning is Professor Emeritus of Economics and Founding Director of The Keynes Centre at University College Cork to support people in continuing development of their meaning and truth making capabilities throughout adulthood. 

Assumpta O’Kane is an occupational psychologist, a facilitator of  transformation in adult development, and a specialist advisor on organisational development. She is a Practitioner Research Associate at The Keynes Centre, UCC. 

Prof. Connell Fanning and Dr. Assumpta O'Kane, co-authors of The Leadership Mind
Connell Fanning and Assumpta O'Kane

Reactions to The Leadership Mind

The Leadership Mind draws back the elusiveness from leadership - simply and clearly, and makes it accessible to ordinary folk living ordinary lives. It clarifies that leadership is not just for the few like Robert Kennedy or Nelson Mandela, but that everyone – even a quiet female dolt like me - potentially has a ‘leadership moment’ in them. There is something quite revelatory about that, I find – their assertion that leadership is not for the exclusive few. It can change you. That said, it’s a provocative read - challenging, demanding thinking, and thinking about how you’re thinking. Truly worth spending some time with.

Eileen Quinn (Amazon)

This book provides the opportunity to look at leadership as a capability which people must develop within themselves. It clearly outlines the differentiation of management from leadership. The authors also provide an interesting exploration of the significance of insight.

Tom O'Neill (Amazon)

In a rapidly changing world this book encourages us to pay attention to how we think about change and how it can be a deliberate choice rather than a fateful one! It helps us to understand the importance of continued self development which many of us don’t always pursue. Thought provoking, insightful and definitely worth a read. – Nuala Ryan

Nuala Ryan (Amazon)

It is exciting to see how it is already transforming how people think and consider leadership personally and professionally.

Mick Turnbull (Amazon)