Do you distinguish ‘leadership’ from ‘management’?

How do you make the difference between these crucial activities in business?

Many eminent thinkers in the field of business claim there is a real difference between them. Most of these writers, however, do not provide us with a clear line of demarcation, with a meaningful and useful separation in terms of their descriptions, for working with these concepts.

Does it matter?

One big name in the field of ‘leadership’ thinking holds that the distinction between management and leadership is neither arbitrary nor semantic and adds that it is both enormously important and a source of great confusion.


Many writers sense some distinction or need to make a distinction (not the same thing). Yet the line of demarcation drawn is usually vague and porous. It is generally made in terms of subtle characteristics of behaviour or personal attributes as, for example, in attempts to separate them by the nebulous idea of ‘tightness of linkage to the organisation’.

Why not read the recently published The Leadership Mind by Connell Fanning and Assumpta O’Kane for the explanation and solution of this problem so you can have clarity in your thinking and talking in your organisation?

The Leadership Mind recovers both ‘management’ and ‘leadership’ as necessary and workable tools of thought from the corruption of their confusion by defining a clear and sustainable demarcation that will serve you well.

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